Wednesday, September 9, 2009

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From my collection motivation book, I would like to share something interesting about a morale value that we all must have it. That is kindness. The famous motivator Dr Ben Carson says in his book, “The Big Picture” that people should be nice and kind to one another. According to him, kindness is such an elementary concept. However, he is always surprised at the overwhelming reaction he gets whenever he talks about it. He believes the reaction he gets underscores the importance of this seemingly simple idea. Everyone, whether they are corporate executives or schoolchildren, strongly agrees on the need to be kind.

Why should we be kind to one another? Firstly, Dr.Carson feels that being kind can make our professional as well as our personal life more productive and satisfying. If we are kind to our family, friends and colleagues, they will be more likely to be considerate towards us and be more willing to help us. They will also be careful not to hurt or inconvenience us in any way.

Secondly, being kind is imperative because according to Dr. Carson, “everyone is worth it”. We like to believe that we live in a classless society, where everyone is equal. This however is not true. Dr Carson believes people are divided into categories by factors like ethnicity, income, education, social background and geography. These divisions have created a society where people are not equal. One of the simplest ways to effectively lower the barriers human beings have put up around themselves is by being kind to each other. We have to remember that despite our differences like to colour of our skin, our income or our physical appearance, we are really all the same.

Have you ever heard the wise words of the Greek philosopher Philo of Alexandria? He once said “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.”

Dr Carson too believes each of us is fighting a battle for survival. Life is not easy. Every day, we have to work hard and live in a highly competitive society that has no time or place for the weak. That is the third reason why we need to care for and be kind to one another.

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My future husband

Everyone has dreams to have the best couple in life. For me, I very thanks to God because give me a person that very understanding, honest, funny and that important things is chemistry.

A few members told our face like same. Old people told if a couple likes same face between them so relationship becomes longer and until the end of their life. So, I hope that is become true because I love him so much!

My couple and I have a future plan to honeymoon.
In my dreams romantic honeymoon, just imagine taking your vows on the sun-drenched shore of a tropical paradise island when all you can hear is the gentle lapping of the waves - that's the magic and romance of Malaysia. Whatever my idea of the perfect wedding or honeymoon, I’ll find Malaysia is the place of my dreams. I can expect a welcome as warm as the year-round sunshine itself and luxury five star accommodation that's excellent value for money.

In Malaysia, we may choose the offer luxury weedings in Langkawi, honeymoons and romantic weeding in Pangkor Laut, honeymoons in Terengganu and weeding ceremonies in Penang.
In all the locations which I may choose, my wedding will be the only one performed that day, so I won't feel like I are on a marriage conveyor belt. What's more, the moment my ceremony has ended, I are already in my idyllic honeymoon destination. My best features dream to honeymoon with my future husband is going to Langkawi.
Located on the tropical paradise island of Langkawi, Tanjung Rhu is my choice of venues for a romantic weeding. Take vows on the white sandy beach overlooking the sunset and islets, in the tropical gardens with a sea view on the Rhu Deck, amidst the pool and gardens overlooking the sea, or in an air-conditioned Pavilion room opening out to the gardens and beach. This resort is so beautiful that many of our guests return for a second honeymoon!

I’ll find a wide range of romantic hotels and resorts where the experienced staff will arrange everything for me, from the legal requirements and ceremony to pagodas on the beach, a red carpet laced with flower petals and the most ornate wedding cakes.

eSSaY 3


Students survive on pocket money. After all we do not work full-time and thus do not earn wages. Often we are hopelessly short of money. So either we sit our poverty at home or go out to earn some extra pocket money.

Sometimes when I am lazy, I sit out my period of financial dryness at home. At least I do not have to spend any money at home. Food and lodging are free. All I have to do is to make sure I do not make a nuisance of myself and things are all right.

Sometimes however, I do need to get some extra money, but I do not go out in search of work to do. This is because I can have job with my mother. When I say work, I mean honest, legal labour in exchange for hard cash. I do not mean things like extortion, theft or anything unlawful.

Actually my mother is a businesswoman and she has business in the market at Jeli town. My mother had business in drink and food such as burger, hot dog, Kentucky fried chicken and so on. So, when I have free time I can help my mother or may let I have job with my mother. So I do the job for her. After her cannot complain about my job, she can give the bonuses.My auntie also helps my mum and as a workers part time also. My mum also has another 3 workers already.

However, I also get another job. Mowing lawns is also another way of earning pocket money. However, this type of job may be a bit scarce. There are a number of professionals around who mow the lawns of my neighbourhood. Occasionally some will come and ask me to help them when they are short-handed. They pay is not very good, but I cannot really complain. Money is money and it is always good to earn some, however small the sum is.

Once in a while, some older folks need help in doing odd jobs around their house. These are folks whose children have left the nest ant they are pretty much left on their own. Sometimes they need help to move the furniture or move some flower pots or dig a hole. Most of the odd jobs involve gardening. I love the garden so this type of job is suited for me. However the one thing I like most about helping old folks is that they treat me like their son. They would bring out cakes and drinks and tell me all sorts of stories. I realize that they are lonely and all they want is someone to talk to. So I play the role of a son to a few old folks nearby. It keeps them cheerful and me with pocket money. It is a fine arrangement.

There are other jobs like baby-sitting and giving tuition to younger kids. I have not done any of these because I do not have the time. There may be other types of part time jobs available too. Anyway, anyone who is interested may be able to sniff them out and earn some pocket money to spend or save whichever his or her preference is

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

aRTiCeL 1

The Kelantanese cuisine, heavily influenced by Thai cuisine, is quite popular among Malaysians. In fact, many visitors come to Kelantan just to taste the special delicacies that cannot be found elsewhere. The use of sugar is a must in every Kelantanese kitchen, and thus most Kelantanese dishes are sweet.

Kelantanese food makes more use of coconut milk than anywhere else in the country. Curries are richer, creamier, and more influenced by the tastes of nearby Thailand.

Kelantan Darul Naim is not only known with its variety of cultural but also famous with its unique food. For centuries, the originality of the taste made by the ancestors is not changed. For those who come to visit here must try these traditional food. You will not forget the taste and for sure you will dream to have it again

Nasi Dagang

This is a mix of white rice and brown glutinous rice (special glutinous rice) which is cooked with coconut milkfenugreek) (Malay: halba). Fish or chicken curry comes as an add-on to complete the dishes together with mildly brown sugared sambal (chili paste), so it's recommended to take only a small portion as it is extremely filling. The Nasi Dagang is one of the tastiest dishes in Kelantan and goes well with fish curry, pickle, hard-boiled eggs. See here for the main article about Nasi Dagang (santan), blended onions and garlic and some spices

Nasi Kerabu

Nasi Kerabu literally means "salad rice". Kelantan has a variety of Nasi Kerabu. Nasi kerabu biasa (normal) or nasi kerabu putih (white) which comes with its own sambal tumis (a special coconut milk based gravy with local herbs and spices, with a hint of chillies) or Nasi kerabu Hitam (black) though the actual color is blue (after the rice is soaked and cooked with a local flower although some people use artificial equivalents) and nasi kerabu kuning (yellow) which use tumeric in the preparation of the rice. Nasi Kerabu Hitan and Kuning does not require a sambal tumis, instead, it has a watery chilly sauce which makes it slightly hotter. The “kerabu” (salad) could be any vegetables or edible leaves though the more or less standard version will have daun kesum, taugeh (bean sprout), thinly cut; long green beans, bunga kantan, cucumber (connoisseurs will insist “seeded”), and daun kadok. Apart from that it is also served with fried breaded fish, keropok keping, salted egg, "solok lada" (fish fillet and coconut-stuffed chillis), and pickled garlic (local gherkins)

Nasi Tumpang

Rice packed in a cone-shaped banana leaf. A pack of Nasi Tumpang consists of an omelette, meat floss, chicken and/or shrimp curry and sweet gravy. It is traditionally meant for travellers.

Ayam Golek / Ayam Percik

Wood-fire broiled chicken dressed with sweet coconut gravy. Ayam Golek/Ayam Percik is eaten with white rice in major family dishes and serve during a feast

Nasi Berlauk

Most Kelantanese have Nasi Berlauk as their breakfast. Nasi Berlauk is rice served with fish or chicken and vegetables cooked with tumeric and galangal infused yellow gravy

Nasi Ulam

Ulam is the local term for raw vegetables - the meal consists of white rice served with a variety of raw vegetables, and is considered one of the healthiest dishes found in Malay cuisine.

Keropok Keping

These are Kelantanese fish crackers. Their texture and colour are noticeably rougher and darker than the usual variety found on the West Coast of Malaysia. Like the curries, the crackers are influenced by Thai cooking and produce a sharper, saltier taste.

Keropok Gote

These are Kelantanese fish sausages. Made by combining fish flesh and sago, keropok gote is rolled into long firm sticks and then steamed or boiled. To enjoy it, one has to cut it into desired bite sized and deep fried. Different from Terengganu's keropok lekor, the Kelantan variety is thicker and longer in size and has to be fried to be eaten. Keropok Gote is probably the one snack which all Kelantanese children grow up with. It is a must at all school canteens

Laksa Kelantan

The Laksa dish, white noodles served with gravy (curry or otherwise) and vegetables, is made differently in every state in Malaysia. The laksa Kelantan employs the creamy white gravy which is richer and has full-bodied flavour. The main ingredient is fish flesh, although connoisseurs would certainly prefer the ones made of eels. Laksam is another version with thicker noodle (similar to kuey teow). Laksa or laksam is served with ulam similar in nasi kerabu, with a pinch of salt and belachan for added taste


Somtam is a papaya salad with a salty, spicy, and sour taste. The main items in it are young, unripe papaya, soy sauce, groundnuts, fish sauce, lime juice, and chilies. These items are combined in a mortar, pounded with a pestle for few seconds and served. The salty and lime juicy taste is very popular. This light dish is widely available in regions with large numbers of ethnic Thais, such as Tumpat and Siamese wats.


Contrary to popular belief, Cholek is not just a dipping sauce, but can also refer to a snack eaten with the sauce. Cholek comes in various forms, including meaty cholek, cholek ayam (chicken), cholek perut (cow intestines), cholek pelepong (paru-liver), and also a variety of cholek buah (fruits)m such as cholek pauh (mango).

The sauce or "the cholek" comes in various forms. • Cholek manis (with brown sugar). • A sweet, sour and very mildly hot version. This cholek is different from other chili sauces because cholek is very thin and rather sweet. This dipping sauce is used for any kind of chicken, but also goes well with shrimp, fish cake, spring roll, sausage, etc.


Budu is a salted (fermented) anchovy sauce eaten with rice, grilled fish and vegetables/salads (ulam). A bit of lime juice, hot chilis and onions are added on for taste. Also, tempoyak (fermented durian) or fresh durian is added for good measure.

Once so combined, the purple-brownish condiment has a blend of salty and sour taste. Nowadays, other types of fish are also used to create Budu. Famous budu maker villages are Kg. Tawang, Bachok and Kg. Penambang near Kota Bharu. Similar sauces are found in the Philippines and Indochina (Vietnam, Cambodia). Those with high blood pressure should beware of the high salt content of this condiment


Tempoyak is a fermented durian dip, used with normal white rice. Most unforgettable is eating the 'tempoyak+budu+ulam'

Comment: For visiters, u must try the delicious food from kelantan because there have many type and u will love it. As a Kelantanese, whereever we go we still remember our traditional foods.

Monday, August 31, 2009

aRTiCeL 2

Why 09/09/09 Is So Special

Have special plans this 09/09/09?

Everyone from brides and grooms to movie studio execs are celebrating the upcoming calendrical anomaly in their own way. In Florida, at least one county clerk's office is offering a one-day wedding special for $99.99. The rarity of this Sept. 9 hasn't been lost on the creators of the iPod, who have moved their traditional Tuesday release day to Wednesday to take advantage of the special date. Focus Features is releasing their new film "9," an animated tale about the apocalypse, on the 9th. Not only does the date look good in marketing promotions, but it also represents the last set of repeating, single-digit dates that we'll see for almost a century (until January 1, 2101), or a millennium (mark your calendars for January 1, 3001), depending on how you want to count it. Though technically there's nothing special about the symmetrical date, some concerned with the history and meaning of numbers ascribe powerful significance to 09/09/09.
For cultures in which the number nine is lucky, Sept. 9 is anticipated - while others might see the date as an ominous warning.

Math magic .Modern numerologists - who operate outside the realm of real science - believe that mystical significance or vibrations can be assigned to each numeral one through nine, and different combinations of the digits produce tangible results in life depending on their application. As the final numeral, the number nine holds special rank. It is associated with forgiveness, compassion and success on the positive side as well as arrogance and self-righteousness on the negative, according to numerologists. Though usually discredited as bogus, numerologists do have a famous predecessor to look to. Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician and father of the famous theorem, is also credited with popularizing numerology in ancient times. "Pythagoras most of all seems to have honored and advanced the study concerned with numbers, having taken it away from the use of merchants and likening all things to numbers," wrote Aristoxenus, an ancient Greek historian, in the 4th century B.C.
As part of his obsession with numbers both mathematically and divine, and like many mathematicians before and since, Pythagoras noted that nine in particular had many unique properties.

Any grade-schooler could tell you, for example, that the sum of the two-digits resulting from nine multiplied by any other single-digit number will equal nine. So 9x3=27, and 2+7=9. Multiply nine by any two, three or four-digit number and the sums of those will also break down to nine. For example: 9x62 = 558; 5+5+8=18; 1+8=9. Sept. 9 also happens to be the 252nd day of the year (2 + 5 +2)...
Loving 9 Both China and Japan have strong feelings about the number nine. Those feelings just happen to be on opposite ends of the spectrum.

The Chinese pulled out all the stops to celebrate their lucky number eight during last year's Summer Olympics, ringing the games in at 8 p.m. on 08/08/08. What many might not realize is that nine comes in second on their list of auspicious digits and is associated with long life, due to how similar its pronunciation is to the local word for long-lasting (eight sounds like wealth). Historically, ancient Chinese emperors associated themselves closely with the number nine, which appeared prominently in architecture and royal dress, often in the form of nine fearsome dragons. The imperial dynasties were so convinced of the power of the number nine that the palace complex at Beijing's Forbidden City is rumored to have been built with 9,999 rooms. Japanese emperors would have never worn a robe with nine dragons, however. In Japanese, the word for nine is a homophone for the word for suffering, so the number is considered highly unlucky - second only to four, which sounds like death. Many Japanese will go so far as to avoid room numbers including nine at hotels or hospitals, if the building planners haven't already eliminated them altogether.

Comment: Many people can make their special plan for special date. Especially for weeding, engaged, and others to easy to learn. The number is the important things and for a few religion,it is give the meaning. It also a unique number and we're never forgot that.

aRTiCel 3

1Malaysia marks Merdeka spirit

KUALA LUMPUR: The pomp and pageantry might have been subdued, but the Merdeka spirit was roaring at the 52nd National Day celebration yesterday. For the first time, the national-level celebration was held at Parliament Square with the participation of a limited number of people due to the influenza A (H1N1) pandemic and the Ramadan month.

For the same reasons, the celebration was held on a moderate scale mostly indoors in the states. But, here too, the vibrant colors of Merdeka and the spirit of the participants could not be subdued. This year’s celebration was themed “1Malaysia: People First, Performance Now”.

The event at Parliament Square began at 8am with the arrival of Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin and Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Nur Zahirah. Also present were Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, and Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and his wife Puan Sri Norainee Abdul Rahman.The event, which lasted about 30 minutes, was confined to a rally and performances, without the usual parade of contingents and the participation of schoolchildren.

Nevertheless, Parliament Square, which often serves as a venue for welcoming ceremonies for visiting foreign dignitaries, was a scene of variegated colour, with civilians in resplendent attire and members of the security forces in spick-and-span uniforms.

The arriving VIPs were greeted by about 10,000 cheering flagbearers lining the road from the roundabout near Bank Negara to Parliament Square. Tuanku Mizan took the royal salute upon arrival, followed by the playing of the national anthem, N e ga ra k u , by the Royal Malay Regiment central band. Seven helicopters of the Royal Malaysian Air Force flew past overhead, bearing the Jalur Gemilang, the armed forces flag, the flags of the army, navy and air force, the police flag and the Maritime Enforcement Agency flag, as they spewed smoke trails in red, blue and yellow.

Tuanku Mizan later inspected a guard of honour mounted by four officers and 103 men of the 1st Battalion Royal Malay Regiment.
The event continued with the raising of the Jalur Gemilang and the singing of Negaraku follwed by a gun salute and the recital of the Rukun Negara by seven teachers representing the main racial communities in the country.
This was followed by seven shouts of “Merdeka” and the 1Malaysia slogan. There was also choir singing, with the song Malaysia Tanah Airku rendered by members of the Association of Wives of Ministers and Deputy Ministers (Bakti).

Comment: From the articel, the first time, the 52nd National Day celebration in this year was held at Parliament Square with the participation of a limited number of people due to the influenza A (H1N1) pandemic and the Ramadan month. Before this, the national-level celebration was held at Dataran Merdeka every year.