Wednesday, September 9, 2009

eSSaY 1


From my collection motivation book, I would like to share something interesting about a morale value that we all must have it. That is kindness. The famous motivator Dr Ben Carson says in his book, “The Big Picture” that people should be nice and kind to one another. According to him, kindness is such an elementary concept. However, he is always surprised at the overwhelming reaction he gets whenever he talks about it. He believes the reaction he gets underscores the importance of this seemingly simple idea. Everyone, whether they are corporate executives or schoolchildren, strongly agrees on the need to be kind.

Why should we be kind to one another? Firstly, Dr.Carson feels that being kind can make our professional as well as our personal life more productive and satisfying. If we are kind to our family, friends and colleagues, they will be more likely to be considerate towards us and be more willing to help us. They will also be careful not to hurt or inconvenience us in any way.

Secondly, being kind is imperative because according to Dr. Carson, “everyone is worth it”. We like to believe that we live in a classless society, where everyone is equal. This however is not true. Dr Carson believes people are divided into categories by factors like ethnicity, income, education, social background and geography. These divisions have created a society where people are not equal. One of the simplest ways to effectively lower the barriers human beings have put up around themselves is by being kind to each other. We have to remember that despite our differences like to colour of our skin, our income or our physical appearance, we are really all the same.

Have you ever heard the wise words of the Greek philosopher Philo of Alexandria? He once said “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.”

Dr Carson too believes each of us is fighting a battle for survival. Life is not easy. Every day, we have to work hard and live in a highly competitive society that has no time or place for the weak. That is the third reason why we need to care for and be kind to one another.

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