Wednesday, September 9, 2009

eSSaY 3


Students survive on pocket money. After all we do not work full-time and thus do not earn wages. Often we are hopelessly short of money. So either we sit our poverty at home or go out to earn some extra pocket money.

Sometimes when I am lazy, I sit out my period of financial dryness at home. At least I do not have to spend any money at home. Food and lodging are free. All I have to do is to make sure I do not make a nuisance of myself and things are all right.

Sometimes however, I do need to get some extra money, but I do not go out in search of work to do. This is because I can have job with my mother. When I say work, I mean honest, legal labour in exchange for hard cash. I do not mean things like extortion, theft or anything unlawful.

Actually my mother is a businesswoman and she has business in the market at Jeli town. My mother had business in drink and food such as burger, hot dog, Kentucky fried chicken and so on. So, when I have free time I can help my mother or may let I have job with my mother. So I do the job for her. After her cannot complain about my job, she can give the bonuses.My auntie also helps my mum and as a workers part time also. My mum also has another 3 workers already.

However, I also get another job. Mowing lawns is also another way of earning pocket money. However, this type of job may be a bit scarce. There are a number of professionals around who mow the lawns of my neighbourhood. Occasionally some will come and ask me to help them when they are short-handed. They pay is not very good, but I cannot really complain. Money is money and it is always good to earn some, however small the sum is.

Once in a while, some older folks need help in doing odd jobs around their house. These are folks whose children have left the nest ant they are pretty much left on their own. Sometimes they need help to move the furniture or move some flower pots or dig a hole. Most of the odd jobs involve gardening. I love the garden so this type of job is suited for me. However the one thing I like most about helping old folks is that they treat me like their son. They would bring out cakes and drinks and tell me all sorts of stories. I realize that they are lonely and all they want is someone to talk to. So I play the role of a son to a few old folks nearby. It keeps them cheerful and me with pocket money. It is a fine arrangement.

There are other jobs like baby-sitting and giving tuition to younger kids. I have not done any of these because I do not have the time. There may be other types of part time jobs available too. Anyway, anyone who is interested may be able to sniff them out and earn some pocket money to spend or save whichever his or her preference is

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