Wednesday, September 9, 2009

eSSaY 2

My future husband

Everyone has dreams to have the best couple in life. For me, I very thanks to God because give me a person that very understanding, honest, funny and that important things is chemistry.

A few members told our face like same. Old people told if a couple likes same face between them so relationship becomes longer and until the end of their life. So, I hope that is become true because I love him so much!

My couple and I have a future plan to honeymoon.
In my dreams romantic honeymoon, just imagine taking your vows on the sun-drenched shore of a tropical paradise island when all you can hear is the gentle lapping of the waves - that's the magic and romance of Malaysia. Whatever my idea of the perfect wedding or honeymoon, I’ll find Malaysia is the place of my dreams. I can expect a welcome as warm as the year-round sunshine itself and luxury five star accommodation that's excellent value for money.

In Malaysia, we may choose the offer luxury weedings in Langkawi, honeymoons and romantic weeding in Pangkor Laut, honeymoons in Terengganu and weeding ceremonies in Penang.
In all the locations which I may choose, my wedding will be the only one performed that day, so I won't feel like I are on a marriage conveyor belt. What's more, the moment my ceremony has ended, I are already in my idyllic honeymoon destination. My best features dream to honeymoon with my future husband is going to Langkawi.
Located on the tropical paradise island of Langkawi, Tanjung Rhu is my choice of venues for a romantic weeding. Take vows on the white sandy beach overlooking the sunset and islets, in the tropical gardens with a sea view on the Rhu Deck, amidst the pool and gardens overlooking the sea, or in an air-conditioned Pavilion room opening out to the gardens and beach. This resort is so beautiful that many of our guests return for a second honeymoon!

I’ll find a wide range of romantic hotels and resorts where the experienced staff will arrange everything for me, from the legal requirements and ceremony to pagodas on the beach, a red carpet laced with flower petals and the most ornate wedding cakes.

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